+ Bogotá

There are parts of Bogotá which are full of shopping malls and some blocks lack identity. A project will be implemented in three of these such areas, and even though they don’t appear to have much in common are going to co-exist: a school, offices, and convention halls.

When we were asked to come up with a name and image for the project it seemed like a tough ask to bring so many elements together as part of a single project. We realised however that they did have something in common: culture generation. Culture through education, a business tower focused on cultural companies, and in place of convention halls, the creation of a cultural center. More than creating a brand, we had the opportunity to give a new identity to a zone in the city which had never previously been associated with culture.

That's why its name isn’t taken from the names of the owners of the land, nor from the neighbourhood it’s in. The name is an acronym of two words that we want it to be identified by: Culture + Bogotá.